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Shop Blogs
You can unlock the six blogs available for your user shop by doing the following tasks in order, unlocking one blog for each task: 1. Put a "Glowing Pink Egg" in your Nest. 2. Complete one of Elgar's Quests. 3. Gain a charisma point by completin...
Curing pet illnesses
Here are all the illnesses and which medicines cure them: Box of Tissues cures a Common Cold. Citrus Mug cures a Sore Throat. Pills cure a headache. Plaster cures a Scratch. Toothbrush cures a Toothache.
Shop Restocking Times
Usually, the only way to get rare items is to get to the shop at the exact time it restocks, which is every five minutes. These are the times the stores restock: If the shop number (in the URL ends in /(restocks at # minutes on the Maratime clo...